Golf - It's Fun, I Really Like It


 It's all about paying it forward. On Sunday evening, an 8 year old girl shared her feelings about the game of golf at the World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, FL as part of the 8th annual EWGA Foundation Fundraiser to support LPGA-USGA Girls Golf. She shared softly, "It's fun. I really like it." 


Accompanied by her very proud grandfather to the event, this adorable youngster from the Jacksonville,FL LPGA-USGA Girls Golf program charmed everyone as she lit up the room when asked how she likes playing golf. She really enjoys learning how to play, the rules and what's right and wrong (and her grandfather mentioned she's helped him with the rules as well....)  Enabling her to meet LPGA Tour Players, like Julieta Granada who was with us that evening, was a great experience and an unforgettable one!  


Providing tools to young girls through the sport of golf is the right thing for the EWGA to do.  The EWGA has been serving as mentors to young girls through LPGA-USGA Girls Golf for nearly a decade and the fundraising element is the by-product.

I want to personally thank the 132 members and guests who participated in the event at TPC Sawgrass event and the 71 Chapters who supported the event through the Tee Sign Program. THANK YOU ALL FOR PAYING IT FORWARD. This is the power of the EWGA at its best!